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Dinamika Music — Sublime Music for Your Wedding Day

For many years, members of the electric string quartet Dinamika Music have had the pleasure of actively taking part in numerous exclusive wedding ceremonies and parties both at home and abroad.

For most young couples, choosing the right music for their wedding poses a big puzzle. It is not an exaggeration to say that the festive atmosphere of the wedding day depends almost exclusively on the choice of the right music to accompany the arrival of guests, the arrival of the bride, the wedding ceremony itself, the moment when the bride and groom simply say “I do”, and especially their first dance.

Dynamic and modern couples usually want to surprise their guests with original choreography, accompanied with rhythms of popular rock and Latin music numbers. The final effect is fantastic!

Romantic couples, on the other hand, prefer to express their deepest emotions through a slightly slower rhythm of ballads or popular movie scores. There we go with the perfect solution for a fairy-tale wedding ceremony, as well as the newlyweds’ first dance!

Couples with refined and sophisticated style will choose some of the most popular waltzes by Johan Strauss or the fantastic potpourri of Mozart’s ingenious works. That makes a very original and effective choice!

But, do not worry too much! Whatever music you choose for your wedding party or Hochzeit, nothing will spoil your most sincere emotions or festive mood!

You can find music inspiration for your movie-like wedding by consulting the Top List prepared by our exclusive wedding specialist DJ Grapelli, member of the electric string quartet Dinamika Music from Belgrade.


An attractive combination of 3 electric violins and DJ Grappelli – a sophisticated string electric quartet “Dynamics music” in the spirit of contemporary music events. The first one in Serbia began to perform remix of the most famous compositions of classical music in modern manner and offered a wide auditorium an original and unique musical project that is very popular in the world.

Depending on the concept of a business event, our repertoire includes various genres: classic fine music for enjoyment, evergreen and movie hits, foreign pop-rock ballads, latino and orjental music, home pop music, ethno music mix.

The musical matrices we use are uniquely processed by the European renowned DJ Grapelli, and therefore we differ from all similar compositions in Serbia.The contemporary music concept “Dynamics music” in cooperation with DJ Grappelli provides various opportunities for your event:solo

  • electric violin and DJ – duo
  • 2 electric violins and DJ – trio
  • 3 electric violins and DJ – quartet
  • classical duo violin – 2 acoustic violins

“Dynamic Music” uses its rich musical experience, acquired for years through foreign and domestic concert and club gigs, to create an unprecedented atmosphere in all events. Our best references are numerous satisfied clients and a figure of nearly 800 performances.

Dinamika Music – Music for Your Movie-Like Wedding


Decision of a soon-to-be-wed couple to hire an electric string quartet for their wedding shows their refined and sophisticated taste. It reflects their desire to give their wedding ceremony, in which they will say their marriage vows, the air of exclusivity and a measure of requisite elegance. Wedding party music should be unobtrusive, but at the same time inspiring enough for the guests, and create the right atmosphere for a fabulous event, which all couples are looking forward to with great excitement. It is for this reason that the future bride and groom should get familiar with the exact role of our electric string quartet.


Future brides often watch popular Hollywood movies or TV series featuring romantic and opulent weddings. Girls tend to fantasize about their dream-like wedding or imagine how elegant they would look in an extravagant wedding dress, just like the brides in romantic movies such as Mama MiaThe Runaway BridePride and Prejudice, etc.


For that reason, film music is probably the best choice for a fairy-tale wedding. It is warmly recommended to the soon-to-be-wed couples by our unique electric string quartet Dinamika Music, which cooperates successfully with DJ Grapelli, who has earned his Europe-wide renown as a specialist in exclusive wedding parties.

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