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Kvartet Dinamika music

Dynamics Music is an electric string quartet led by a DJ, which combines music over time from Vivaldi to Michael Jackson.

The dynamics are academic musicians trained at the Academy in the country and abroad.

We play in serious and prestigious orchestras, lectured at high music schools abroad and during their career we have perfected, collaborated and interacted with names such as Leonid Bernstein, Sergiu Celibidache, Christoph Eschenbach, Zubin Mehta, Martha Argerich, Rostropovich and many others .

Some of us have made our career in Europe, some in Serbia, but we all share a common desire to present to you our music in our own unique, original and dynamic way, so you want more.

“Dinamika music” plays on electric violins, which gives us special sound and dynamism, and the place of the conductor has been recognized by DJ Grappelli, the founder of the DJ EXPRESS agency in Belgrade. DJ Grappelli originally processed all tracks for our electric band, and in this way we overcame stereotypes and monotony in the musical offer. We can boast that we are among the first in Serbia to perform remixes of the most famous classical compositions.

If you love the music of Nigel Kennedy and Vanessa May, David Guetta, DJ Guetta, DJ Tiesta, then we are sure that you will fall in love with us.

We play the music we chose with love and prepared with style and taste for you: You will recognize it and wish it again.


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